The Arabic, pen name “iLham” means ‘divinely inspired,’ and rare inspiration is reflected in Linda’s spiritual and philosophical art and writing. Linda writes with interfaith sensitivity interwoven with a sincere desire for harmony and unity within the world’s faith diversity. She displays respect for all religions and focuses on the consonant values of peace, honesty, justice, charity, and integrity.

Talented in several forms of writing, Linda received a Certificate of Achievement after completing a two-year writing program from Writers Institute (CT). Some of her essays have been translated, extending her authorship to span five languages. She is a member of the North Carolina Writers Network and was a featured author at the 2009 Book Expo America (NY).

With sparkling colors, Linda illustrates numinous messages. Brilliance and passion are evident in vibrant images, and her calligraphy is flowing and elegant. Linda received an Associate of Arts degree from the commercial art program at Central Piedmont Community College (NC). She also completed a two-year course in fine arts with Art Instruction Schools (MN).

“Glad to be a hillbilly,” Linda enjoys country living in the foothills of North Carolina. She brags of “two whacky brats, oodles of critters, and a pet husband.” Her greenhouse, vegetable garden, homemade soap, furniture refinishing, and crafty, household projects keep her busy.

Linda maintains a black belt in karate and trains with the weapons sai (a small sword) and bo (a long pole). Linda enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, shooting targets with a rifle, and embroidering clothes.

Having served during two wars, Linda is a veteran of the United States Air Force and the North Carolina Air National Guard. She was a decorated soldier having been awarded the National Defense Service Medal (twice), the Air Force Commendation Medal (twice), the North Carolina National Guard Achievement Medal, the George Washington Medal of Honor, and the NC Adjutant General’s Commander’s Coin.

The National Association of Professional and Executive Women has recognized Linda as one of the most prestigious women in America. She is listed among “Women of Excellence” for “professional excellence, leadership, and distinctive service.” The association elected her the 2010 Woman of the Year in the category of authors and illustrators.