With an uncommon blend of spiritual insight and scientific logic, The Bible and the Qur’an at the Edge of Renaissance encourages and guides the reader toward a broader understanding of the Scriptures.  All three Books of the Abrahamic Scriptures –the Tanakh, the New Testament, and the Qur’an— are explored in a fresh and inspiring perspective.  Linda “iLham” Barto finds beauty, grace, and guidance in all the Scriptures, and her desire for harmony and unity sparkles on every thought-provoking page.  The author beckons readers to focus on the consonant values of all religions of light to wonderfully and vigorously affect the world for a global, spiritual renaissance.

The book begins with a “Backpack for Interfaith Understanding.”  The reader is deftly prepared for a mystic journey, and then given a “Scenic View” of the three Books of Scriptures.  As beauty and truth are sought, the Scriptures are examined through religious, historical, and scientific logic.

As “Travel Notes,” three controversial questions are approached:  “Who Are God’s Chosen People?” “Is Jesus the Son of God?” and “What is the Holy Spirit?”  Sensitivity and rare insight permeate the author’s response to these delicate topics.

“Field Trips” are taken to selected passages of Scriptures.  Modern science and ancient wisdom combine to demonstrate how the Scriptures of old can be applied to our often chaotic, modern world.
The reader is provided “Rest Stops” in the form of prayers and praises of the prophets.  The author gingerly highlights subtle qualities presented in the prophets’ sentiments.

The grand finale of the book leaves the reader “Camping at the River of Renaissance,” with guidance and encouragement to ford the river and establish a world of peace, goodwill, and prosperity.  The chapter explains Humanity’s purpose in life, why crises and disasters happen, and Humanity’s responsibility to be instruments of God’s creative and healing power. 

The book is wonderfully arranged and complete with appendixes, Scripture index, and subject index.  The writer’s style is remarkable, and her advice is timely.

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