What do cherry pies, happy chickens, and contented cats have to do with religion? Witty and clever, the author manages to bring her daily episodes into focus by viewing them through her unique understanding of the Universal Qur’an. Her stories are often comical, but she also finds meanings in tragic situations. Linda’s unique journey to Islam is captured in her brief autobiography, and then she examines her rural life in a series of ninety-nine parables. Each parable begins with a Qur’anic passage, followed by a personal story. Each parable merges into a thoughtful discourse that applies the Scripture to daily, modern living. Linda’s word-sculpting incorporates wit, wisdom, science, and spirit. She excites the mind and stirs imagination. Her words inspire to dip into the bottomless well of divine water.

The book uses rural wisdom to explore an array of diverse topics. Values, ethics, and morals emanate from pages concerning such issues as citizenship and environmental responsibilities. Uncommon advice can be found on subjects ranging from marriage to war to universal harmony. Theology and science combine to probe such mysteries as space and time and eternal life. Fresh insights are provided on controversial issues such as abortion and gay rights. Even with such serious topics as these, the author’s wit and humor keep the content lively. Each chapter ends with a prayer with universal appeal. Elegant pencil illustrations add to the elegance and charm of this unique book.

Regardless of the reader’s religion, this book will enlighten, encourage, and inspire. With interfaith sensitivity, the author shows the beauty of Islam’s true message while not ignoring the problems affecting Islam as the conflicted religion of today. The book is especially helpful to new converts to Islam as it gives common-sense advice on comfortably emerging from a previous religion. Vintage Muslims will find new insights, and readers of other faiths will learn about Islam in an entertaining and fascinating way.

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