Designed to enhance the flavor of Ramadan, this delightful book is a daily celebration of the Muslims’ month of fasting.  Ramadan Rhapsody is a delicious blend of poems, prayers, and Qur’anic renderings arranged in a day-by-day, devotional adventure.  Each day begins with a Qur’anic passage, which is followed by one of Prophet Muhammed’s teachings.  The devotion continues with an exuberant poem and ends with a powerful prayer.  This little book is big on inspiration as it offers the joy of Ramadan as a rare delicacy.  It is certain to dazzle your spiritual taste buds and add spice to your Ramadan experience.


O Ramadan, alarm us of hungering, thirsting souls

And inspire us to include their welfare in our goals.

We must offer bread to those weak in spiritual strife.

We must serve milk to those faint from struggles of life.

From our kind acts of mercy, ministry, and charity,

The Provider of Sustenance and Grace others may see.

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